Storytime, Now Starring Your Family

Create a personalized book to tell your children the story of a family member. Every book is packed with fun stories your family will treasure.

Build My Book

Our Creation Process

Having made thousands of books since our inception in 2017, we've landed on a process that makes it personalized and remarkably simple to make a book about your loved one's life.

Schedule your storytelling session

After checkout you'll be prompted to schedule a phone meeting with one of our in-house storytelling specialists. We'll spend 15-20 minutes getting to know the loved one you'd like to make your book about.

We hand-craft your book

We’ll design and write your custom children’s book alongside our team of illustrators and creatives.

You proof, we'll print

Once your book is created we will send you a digital proof that you can flip through and enjoy. We'll even work with you on edits and changes you'd like to see. Feel free to send the preview to your loved ones!

Over 3,000 lives memorialized and counting...

"It was an easy fun process of picking the pages that applied to my father. If it wasn't quite what I wanted to say, we changed it until the book read perfectly."
Lana Horrocks
“Wow. I purchased this for my mother for Mother's Day and she wept. This is something our family will cherish for year to come. High fives!”
Abinidi Flores
"The book is amazing!!! The creation process was a breeze, I love that you call and speak with each customer individually. This book is such a treasured gift and I can’t thank you enough!"
Megan Gibbons

Completely Custom

Every story is a unique masterpiece. We recognize that every life is filled with different adventures and events, so no two books will ever be the same.

Your Child's Hero

Studies show that children who know their family stories, grow up with a stronger sense of identity and understanding of who they are in the world. Your family members can be their favorite new hero.

We Write It

We want this to be as effortless as possible, so we'll take care of the writing and illustrations. Once you have shared with us the details of our story, we begin building your book.

The Perfect Gift

Memorialize the life of your loved ones as a timeless keepsake. Your children, mother, father, grandparents, family and friends will all cherish this book for a lifetime.


Book Creation
- Includes one hardbound copy
- Plus shipping and handling
- $25 per additional copies
- 2 week creation process
- 1 week print and ship
Build My Book

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create this about two people?

This book is all about the life of one of your loved ones. Includes their childhood, young adult years, marriage and family. It will include their spouse and children but is not designed to be about two people. At the back of the book there’s a memories page in which you can handwrite-in any additional details about their life.

How long does it take to create the book and when will it arrive to us?

From the time you order we will normally spend up to 2 weeks working with you on creating your book (up to 3 weeks during a holiday season) and then your book will be at our print shop for 4 days. Our printers fulfill the orders from there and send it directly to the address you’ve provided. Please keep in mind this timeline as you plan around sending these for a special occasion or event.

Can we make this even more customized?

We have created hundreds of unique pieces of content to fit many different walks of life, but we understand there are certain moments you’ll want to highlight in their story. Our basic package will multiple  text changes to make the story more personalized, and we charge an hourly rate to work on your book beyond the standard customizations you can include in your order.

Will I be able to purchase more copies in the future?

Most definitely! We store all your finished books redundantly on our servers and at any point in time you can re-print your original book for $25. We encourage you to share the proof we’ll create with your loved ones before printing the original copy and we can always add copies to your current order.

How would we order in bulk for a family reunion or anniversary event?

On your scheduled call with one of our professional storytellers, just mention that this is a gift for a family event and we will do our best to accommodate your timeline and we are glad to offer a generous discount for bulk orders.